Send Lindsey back to Texas


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I've had my fill.

Two wasted seasons. Stripped the team to nothing, but not by trades, he let them walk for nothing. However he did manage to keep the coach he never meant to keep who Won just enough games to ensure the jazz got left out of the top players in the draft. A month later the only coaching candidate Lindsey can scrum up is Boylen, Oh, I guess he should get alittle credit, He did manage to draft an undersized pg who only measures above average in ego,but on the other hand He couldn't sign Hayward to an extension, and his only FA signing was John Lucas III.

What has he done to keep his job? That is a great question, let's see he has brought about 50 players who will never play in the nba into SLC for workouts, paid out cash to a a few college coaches to conduct a 'workout', taken three or trips to Europe to 'Scout' even though he pays two guys hearty salaries to do that.

He I talks about the Jazz not skipping steps in a rebuild, well I think firing the GM is a pretty normal step in a's time to get it done.


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I will say this about Lindsey............He is a master at using the 300 word limit when 10 would work just as well. The guy can say a whole lot of nothing just to make a point. I have been less than impressed with his interviews on the radio. I'm still waiting to see if his actions do the talking, cause his use of the English language have been less than effective.

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If Dennis trades us up in this draft I will love him.

Mostly I am hoping one of these stupid franchises ahead of us makes a bad pick. Or Wiggins, Embiid, Parker and Exum all have career ending injuries the first NBA game they play.

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Back away from the ledge, mellow. Lindsey ain't done yet.

And if Dennis weren't around, we'd be looking at a team of:

Mo Williams

Corbin would still be the head coach. The Jazz may have made the playoffs with their veteran team, or just missed and gotten the 12th pick again. Cap space? There is none. Millsap got $10M/per, Favors got his $12M. Foye, Mo and Carroll weren't cheap either. And now it's time to choose between Kanter, Hayward and Burks. Jazz can keep two, but not all three. Millsap and those mid-tier vets have used up the available money. Guess Burks will be expendable because I hear Stauskas will be great value at #12.

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Don't you think the lottery is rigged?

Are you upset that Lindsey didn't have sex with Silver or something?