SLC Dunk - Can the Utah Jazz win an NBA title?


James Hansen

Utah Jazz v Washington Wizards

Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

The NBA isn’t focusing on the Jazz, are they right to ignore them?

On this episode of the SLC Punks Podcast we react to Dwyane Wade buying a stake in the Utah Jazz. What does that do for the Jazz and for the state of Utah?

Then we talk about the state of the Utah Jazz. Just how good are they? Are they getting disrespected by the NBA not focusing on them, or is that disrespect warranted. What are the players that will make a difference for the Jazz? Is Bojan Bogdanovic the key to everything? Does seeding matter? If the Jazz get the 1 seed and face the Lakers in the second round, is that what you want?

We then discuss the playoffs. What do that Jazz need to do in the next month to prepare for the playoffs and what do we need to see from them to see them become a real contender? Who is the Jazz’s biggest road block in the Western Conference?

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