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Three player on last year team left


One is Dok who never play hardly, Rudy Gay who almost never play good, and Jordan. Hard to like now, only Jordan left

My mom keeps complaining that she doesn't know this team and it's hard to cheer for them, except for Jordan and Lauri. It is crazy that the team I loved so much two years ago is gone.

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My wife has only seen the OKC game that the Jazz won in overtime, and she already loved rooting for Lauri and Kessler. JC was fun to watch. She thought it was a brick contest between THT, Fontecchio and Giddy. Oh, and she hated watching Kelly Olynyk. She asked me why the Jazz didn’t trade him too.
Strange thread. Last year was probably one of the most unlikable jazz teams I have ever seen with all the selfish play, bitching and complaining and overall lack of effort on defense.