Utah Football 2020


Free at last!!!
I freaking hate the Utes, but it’s good to see them get to play. It must suck having to practice for weeks while everyone else got to play games. Here’s to a good, injury free game.


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Don't care that they lost, it was just nice to be entertained for a little bit.
Plus it was too be expected that they would struggle. They were playing a very good USC team who had already played. It was their first game of the season which is typically a bad team for a warm-up game. It was freezing cold. But the main reason I expected them to struggle? Last year's team was stacked with really really good seniors. Those guys all graduated and left plus they had some good underclassmen leave for the nfl.
This is a rebuild season

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Rising got hurt when he fumbled. Utes were just too young and obviously/apparently still suffering covid with Covey out. The QBs both looked horrible.