What could we trade Bogie for ?

D Will Texas

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if the GMs are seeing today game, a bag o cheetos and a warm diet coke. And we would need to add 2 second round picks
Lol. I’m glad somebody else is seeing what I am. Sorry to come across so negative ...he just looks washed and is our only glaring weakness


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Nothing right now. But right now most of our team wouldn't fetch much playing like **** in the first half against the clippers scrubs. Who apparently are the best team that's ever played the game.


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I'm not ready to give up on him just yet, but man, he's not even close to the player he was last year. Given how well we're playing I would be absolutely shocked if the front office traded one of our rotation players.


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I've thought about this a bit. You'd have to include some folks like Niang, some picks, maybe even Royce, to get anything decent. Even then, no names come to mind.