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Woj: Don to the Cavs for Markkanen, Agbaji, Sexton, three unprotected 1sts, two swaps, and a partridge in a pear tree.

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But I thought we have pick swap with Minny in 26 and 28 as well? So it's really just 3 picks since we won't be able to swap picks with Minny AND cavs at the same time. Not sure why we don't just ask for 24/26/28 then pick swap in 25/27

They can't trade 24 because they owe 23 to Indiana. The swap rights could be with our pick or the minny swap. You can get the best of the three picks and give them the worst of the three.

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Yes, drafting 10th-16th in perpetuity is the definition of smart.
If you draft well it is. THey have been drafting well the last 3 years. They didnt need to trade for Mitchell this year. They should still be focusing on building up their young talent and getting off Randle, then going all in later. Utah imploding moved up their timeline a year or two for Mitchell and it hurt them.


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I assume the pick swaps means we get to choose the best pick between ours, Minny, and Cleveland. Not bad for hedging our pick options that far out.