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    Best Movie Soundtracks

    This conversation begins and ends with Scott Pilgrim vs the World.
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    A Post of Words with Tom Pitt

    Yup! Sorry meant to get back to you. Basketball stopped happening and i sort of forgot that this forum existed. Drunk through 90% of my first batch. For a first try I was really pleased with the results. Possibly I'm overvaluing the quality because of the "made it myself" factor but i think it...
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    Deseret News - How Abby Hornacek is helping people during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Good cause. When the hyper focus is on covid, essential needs like still having blood on hand might be forgotten. I dont think blood stores very long either so there is always a need. Bravo.
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    What's The Last Movie You’ve Seen?

    Rented A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood the other day. Wanted a surefire feel good movie and did it ever deliver. Brought the cheers and the tears in equal and profound measure. As a rule most of the time I try to avoid based on a true story movies because I think they are manipulative but...
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    Youtube videos to pass the time. Add some good ones.

    We're they ok? Oh my gerd.
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    Youtube videos to pass the time. Add some good ones.

    I was compelled to share this. I found it amusing anyway. At least we got at least one joke out of covid.
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    Youtube videos to pass the time. Add some good ones.

    Can`t watch that in Canada unfortunately. MacGruber is one of my favorite SNL characters though. Love Will Forte. Sure it`s a laugh riot. This had me giggling incessantly:
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    Earthquake not Rudy's FAULT

    Of course it was his fault! He`s recklessly tall with an irresponsible wingspan. With his centre of gravity he should have known better! RIP bobbleheads.Sorry for your loss.
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    Stupid Pet Peeves

    I thought it was just panic buying and not thinking about what it means for the AverageJoe who only buys in sensible quantities when I run out. Not deliberately creating scarcity for no reason and putting pressure on the fabric of society (which is held together by a thin membrane of loo roll)...
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    Post Your Jump Shot

    Lol. Didn't expect this thread to get heated.
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    A Post of Words with Tom Pitt

    Not local unfortunately. All the way up the road in Calgary. Told my shop keep I was aiming for "quaffable" and that had him rolling his eyes out of their sockets. If my first go round goes well I might aim higher. I'm keen but this is really just a project to keep me busy, so don't worry about...
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    A Post of Words with Tom Pitt

    Mainly how not to **** it up. Went into a shop the other day and the owner was all to happy to tell me all about it. Not an auditory learner so my eyes kind of glazed over when he started going into detail. Going back in tommorow to pick up a kit for an Irish Red and excited to get started but...
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    A Post of Words with Tom Pitt

    Eh haven't written it off yet but I think a full sale cancellation is a distinct possibility. Wouldn't surprise me in the least. Boredom has gotten to me as well. To that end, and this is tangential to the thread, sorry for derailing, does anyone have any experience with self brew? Planning a...
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    Sorry for the incoherence of some of my posts above. Trying to put myself to bed and I thought some light **** posting might do the trick, but turns out I just got sucked into the vortex and started worrying about the quality of my shitposting. Oneye I think I get where you are coming from and...
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    Haven't seen it. Where do I go? Love Donovan but he can be sophomoric at times. Just my two cents, but if it came down to a coup I'd rather have Rudy on my team. This kind of posturing seems absurd to me in the unrestful times the league is in. Edit:OK checked out his instagram like the real...