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So, some dude can continually make fun of me for like years and when I finally respond it's embarrassing af?
Yeah, dude.
Exactly why I asked for the self ban, sheepleton.
Is coming over to my profile to hand out more hilariously awkward insults supposed to make me think this whole thing is less weird?

How do you think you're coming off right now?
Archie Moses
Archie Moses
Like an angry guy that denies stuff that's false. Or a dude that's put up with Naos making fun of me from pics from a decade ago. You mad or blind?
Archie Moses
Archie Moses
Is that honest enough or cringey af because you can't debate what I've said, sheepleton.
Hey, man, it's confusing how to message you. Please ban me. I don't want a thing to do with JazzFanz. I can write things all day that are translated into things I don't believe.
You know I'm not for Trump
This site's gd is dominate by the far left. Look at Thriller.
Ban me.