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    1. GVC
      Would you respond otherwise?
    2. The Thriller
      The Thriller
      What makes you think I give a damn?
    3. TroutBum
      Your inbox is full.

      "You seem to miss the point. Why should players have no choice in where they play? Is it reasonable to restrict them completely in that regard?"

      Well, why should it be any different with me or you? If I work for a company I really only have a few options:

      1) I stay with them for my entire career.
      2) They move me around the country/world, usually with a raise of some kind.
      3) I quit and work elsewhere.

      I don't really have the option of saying, "Move me to your nearest competitor please." They'd tell me to go to Hell. I know it's a republican attitude, but in this case it fits: If you don't like it, you're fired. I don't think players/employees should be able to pick and choose their raises, where they move to, etc. -- that is the Boss' or Owners responsibility.
    4. freakazoid
      I guess you can borrow :D, but :p is all mine. Ok, you can have that one too. You owe me.
    5. Purch
      Do u have the link to the pics?
    6. TroutBum
      Hello Brother Camp, how goes the struggle?


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