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    SIAP - Just a disgusting piece of journalism. Hit piece in the SF Chronicle.

    https://www.sfgate.com/sports/article/2021-04-Utah-Jazz-Ryan-Smith-Dwyane-Wade-A-Rod-16115083.php Embarrassing.
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    Jazz need to realize this is the best shot at winning a title

    I'd take Redick in a flipping heartbeat, the guy can still stroke it, but I question the org's ability to take on that contract given the tax implications. Would still prefer a big defensive wing. Preferably one who can shoot - but a big wing defender who can shoot is going to be very expensive...
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    Wing Defender in the Buyout/Trade Market?

    Looking towards the playoffs - the one thing I think we'd need to add would be another capable, big-body defender who can match up with who we know who stands between us and and a title. Royce is solid but can't guard two guys at once and can't guard for 48 minutes. Someone who can play 8-10...
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    Game Thread Feb 24, 2021 8:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Lakers

    BTW - who ate Jared Dudley? Sheesh
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    Game Thread Feb 24, 2021 8:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Lakers

    Lakers were horrendous. What a stinker.
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    Game Thread Feb 24, 2021 8:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Lakers

    Jazz W, 197-49. But, Lakers hold Ingles to only 55 points on 14/18 from 3.
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    Following Potential 2021 Draftees

    Bumpity bump bump. Not too excited about who we'll be drafting at #30 (:)). But at the top of the draft, Evan Mobley is being seriously slept on at #1.USC is completely under the radar but they are dominating and he's the reason why. High ceiling, high floor, perfect modern day NBA big.
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    Game Thread Feb 17, 2021 8:00PM MT: Jazz at Clippers

    People who say we "don't have a superstar" criminally underrate Rudy Gobert.
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    Game Thread Feb 17, 2021 8:00PM MT: Jazz at Clippers

    PG and Kawhi out would be a boon. LFG.
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    Stephen A. isn't sold on the Jazz being a real threat to the Lakers | First Take

    I'm not sold on Stephen A being a legit journalist or analyst. Guy's a total hack. His opinions are baseless hot takes based on 1-2 little nuggets that he Googles before going on-air and it takes him 15 minutes to say what others can say in 15 seconds. That said, I'm not sold on the Jazz as...
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    Anthony Davis

    Even if AD misses a moderate stretch (2-3 weeks), it is a good window for us. Hopefully that leads to 2-3 more L's for the Lakers and gives us a small bump in terms of capturing the #1 seed. Not playing the Lakers or Clippers until the WCF would be massive. The Nuggets at 6 or 7 (i.e., the...
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    Point God Donovan Mitchell

    Are we really better with DM at PG? Serious/not a snarky question, I'd be curious to know what the analytics say. I know DMs stats at PG are excellent but I'd be curious to see our team ORTG with Mike at PG and Donovan off the ball vs. Donovan at PG and Mike not in the lineup. We could...
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    Game Thread Feb 09, 2021 8:00PM MT (TNT): Jazz vs. Celtics

    Shaq is a big blubbering moron and absolutely awful in the studio. Embarrassing broadcast for TNT tonight. Wasn’t even the B team it was the F- team
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    January 26 2021: Should The Jazz Even Be Allowed To Play The Knicks?

    You my friend are a fascinating online presence. Must have a lot of time on your hands.
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    Trent Forrest fan club

    Where's this kid been all my life? Love him. I do agree though, I suspect he can't shoot for ****.