1. candrew

    Let the conspiracy discussion begin...

    Fair point - The Jazz were down by 3 tho
  2. candrew

    What are Republicans doing to Unify the country?

    The Liz Cheney thing is disturbing. She's fire-breathing conservative - objectively more conservative than Trump and yet they're sacrificing her for no other purpose than to perpetuate a lie.
  3. candrew

    Let the conspiracy discussion begin...

    There was .1 left on the clock - not sure what that would have accomplished. I'm not crazy about the rules on fouling a 3 point shooter regarding not giving them space to land - it's gone overboard; but by the standard that exists the no-call on Clarkson's 3 with the Jazz up 2 in the L2M was...
  4. candrew

    Mitchell injury

    Pretty much all the Jazz beat writers agree (Jones, Walden and the other guy whose name I can't remember - the 40 year old virgin) that if the playoffs started today Mitchell would be playing. Mike too.
  5. candrew

    Phoenix Suns watch

    He was sending a message to LeBron - get your *** out on the court!
  6. candrew

    Phoenix Suns watch

    Suns done ****ed up last
  7. candrew

    Kendrick Perkins PSA for Utah Jazz

    Kinda lame but interested in reactions from my friends from Utah. Bears mentioning Perkins had The Jazz missing the playoffs entirely this year.
  8. candrew

    Dante Exums new book coming soon - "50/7 easiest way to heaven"

    I had to look it up. w ith endorsements and the guaranteed money from The Raiders, Jamarcus Russell's career earnings is estimated at 40 mil. Dante surpassed that on NBA salary alone. With his Adidas deal he gotta be north of 50 mil.
  9. candrew

    Game Thread May 08, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Rockets

    Seriously. Nobody had Utah at the one seed with 4 games to go. Folks here are in sports fan heaven and they don't even realize it - you got a good team that is far exceeding expectations. Seasons like this come around literally once every 15-20 years. Enjoy it - no matter what happens...
  10. candrew

    Is Friday’s game the most important game of the season?

    Campazzo's no weak suck on defense. Dude can more than hold his own.
  11. candrew

    Is Friday’s game the most important game of the season?

    Amazing how well Denver is playing - especially considering Aaron Gordon has turned out to be a complete wet fart. Zero points last night, Lol.
  12. candrew

    The official "let's impeach Trump" thread

    Hey, knock yo'self a pro, Slick. That gray matter backlot perform us down; I take TCBin', man! Translation - Don't be so naive, Arthur. Each of us faces a clear moral chaise
  13. candrew

    Phoenix Suns watch

    CP3 missed a few shots down the stretch that he typically makes. The win is that they were forced to play Paul more minutes than they wanted him to. Now they have to play The Hawks on a b2b.
  14. candrew

    Game Thread May 01, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Raptors

    He's a classic Jazz hater. I listen to his show with Justin Termine on NBA Radio. He's been downplaying The Jazz achievements all season. Doesn't think Mitchell or Gobert has the goods to go next level.
  15. candrew

    I'm Worried About Clarkson

    I think Clarkson has a few nagging injuries - some we know about, a couple we don't. Remember he was playing with a cracked bone in his shooting hand for about a month before anyone knew about it. I wouldn't be surprised if his ankle still isn't 100 percent.