1. David Stern

    The Inevitable Favs Reunion

    Tony has said multiple times that Favors isn’t coming for less than the MLE. I read his most recent article, and he never discusses Favors taking the BLE, so that’s a pretty poorly referenced story.
  2. David Stern

    Montrezl Harrell

    The Clippers have no assets and an owner with deep pockets, there's no way someone outbids them for Trez
  3. David Stern

    Clipps-Nuggz Gm 7 Discussion

    I don't love Denver, but its impossible not to respect their mental fortitude at this point. I wish our team had that kind of edge.
  4. David Stern

    The I can’t believe I’m sharing this idea with jazzfanz: my stupid trade idea?

    You realize that Hayward is also an expiring, right?
  5. David Stern

    The Inevitable Favs Reunion

    We also play a different style of defense (because of Rudy) that really requires our center to be an elite rim protector... so it makes more sense for us to go in on that concept more than it would make sense for other teams to do it
  6. David Stern

    The Inevitable Favs Reunion

    Makes sense... he's got back issues, and coming off the bench would probably extend his career.
  7. David Stern

    My hot take on what I'd do in the off-season.

    You can always play the what if game, I just can't think of anything that the Jazz could've/would've realistically done to sign Bogey as a FA if they had Smart's salary on the books
  8. David Stern

    1 point from sweeping a series they lost

    Quin probably did his worst coaching job this season, but we've clearly been outmatched in talent in the pretty much every playoff series we've played with him as coach.... I think the majority of the board would probably agree that the blame goes on the front office.
  9. David Stern

    My hot take on what I'd do in the off-season.

    We basically traded Favors for Bogey though, so you're not getting him in this scenario
  10. David Stern

    Jazz Salary Breakdown for 20-21 Season

    I don't think this is a fair assumption. 5 years ago this would make sense, but it seems like the trust was set up in a way to keep the Jazz separate from their other businesses. They haven't taken any kind of profit since 2017, they might be set up well to weather this pandemic. Although, I...
  11. David Stern


    Why do people think that Chicago wouldn't want Conley? They were one of the rumored teams after him last year, and there's multiple articles from their SB Nation-type reporters that think they should try and trade for him again. Philly makes the most sense by far tbh, but I'd be shocked if he...
  12. David Stern

    Jazz Salary Breakdown for 20-21 Season

    I'm under the impression that the Jazz are willing to be a tax team, but it seems like there's a lot to sort out with the CBA still. It will be interesting to see what the league decides to do
  13. David Stern

    You're the Utah Jazz GM. What's Rudys max offer?

    What would be the most he could get in Free Agency from another team?
  14. David Stern

    My hot take on what I'd do in the off-season.

    Who could we realistically get for Davis/Bradley/2nd Rounders?
  15. David Stern

    The Inevitable Favs Reunion

    Having Favors back would fix so many of our problems. He's by far the most impactful realistic free agent that we could sign for the MLE. I'm shocked that there are people who are against this