1. Doc Cherno

    What Became of Player Development?

    Agreed there are bigger concerns, but him getting time and improving now really helps in the playoffs. If we get into any blowout games Q can confidently pull Mitchell and Conley sooner and we likely don't surrender double digit leads right at the end.
  2. Doc Cherno

    Game Thread Feb 12, 2021 7:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Bucks

    Haven't seen anyone start a game thread, so... Anyone have any news on Conley's status for tonight?
  3. Doc Cherno

    Game Thread Jan 01, 2021 7:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Clippers

    I’m not sure who is irritating me more this game: Bogey or Boler.
  4. Doc Cherno

    Game Thread Dec 12, 2020: Jazz vs. Suns (Preseason)

    One preseason game, but I think you guys will come to like Buk. He’s tough in the same way as Antoine Carr, Trevor Booker and Mike Brown. Probably a Jazz-era Carr ceiling, but that’s not bad.
  5. Doc Cherno

    Locke opinion discussion

    I see the FO recent questionable moves as venial sins at worst. What sometimes gets lost is that the FO doesn't have the incredible wisdom and perspective of armchair quarterbacks who compare everything to moves that happen after. Like Mission said, you've got to acknowledge Donovan and Rudy and...
  6. Doc Cherno

    2020 Free Agency Thread

    I like it. I'd add the little critter from FSU as having a real shot of lurking as a 3rd (real) PG, our SYR SG and Oni as having a shot.
  7. Doc Cherno

    Vet minimum Options

    Doesn’t his deal mean that unless he’s paid more than his Hornet contract, which would never happen, he can’t be paid more? Whoever signs him pays what they pay and Charlotte makes up the difference?
  8. Doc Cherno

    Favors 3yr/27M

    It's not usually ideal, but in some circumstances against big teams Rudy and Favs can play together for stretches. I imagine Rudy and Udo can do the same. I think this gives us a legit 48 minutes of lane defense. Last year when Rudy went out we typically got clobbered. I thought Tony was a nice...
  9. Doc Cherno


    Anyone know what's going on with this cat? There's obviously bigger fish to fry right now, but I'm curious if it seems like he might end up back with the Jazz next season. At one point I was hearing he was playing too well not to get big offers elsewhere, but it has been crickets so far on what...
  10. Doc Cherno

    ED Davis to the KNICKS

    I’d be good with Favs back. He might start some nights against big teams and could hold down the 5 when need more bench scoring than the rook will likely provide.
  11. Doc Cherno

    Grade The Jazz's Draft

    100% CY. I don't know if Udoka ever becomes starter material, but if he plays those increasing minutes Gobert isn't on the floor with the same intensity it will provide some consistency we never saw with Bradley. I also don't see Udoka getting stuffed under the net on offense. For where we...
  12. Doc Cherno

    Elijah Hughes to the Jazz

    I don't hate this pick in the second round. I think they've done a good job moving pieces around to improve our 5 position. We now have 48 minutes of defense at least. Hughes could stick. Picked up another draft pick in the deal and may have more latitude to resign Clarkson. Decent haul.
  13. Doc Cherno

    Jazz at Bulls 7:00 CST

    So, on my way out the door and noticed there wasn't a thread. This will have to do...
  14. Doc Cherno

    Game 27: Orlando at Jazz vs Manheim Steamroller.

    Is this streaming anywhere?
  15. Doc Cherno

    Blazers at Jazz tonight. 7 PM. Last game of preseason.

    Wow, hope we're playing Adelaide a whole bunch more times this season.