1. Fakers Luck

    Vegas Summer League Roster

    George King is a guy to watch.
  2. Fakers Luck

    Sounds Like Favors is Coming Back

    Are there any restrictions to trading him after picking up the option? Could be the first step to making a deal.
  3. Fakers Luck

    Following Potential Draftees - 2019 (not kidding)

    Good thing DL traded up and took Bradley so the Spurs could look great again.
  4. Fakers Luck

    1 Day before the draft. Make your last picks.

    21. Josh Okogie 52. Vince Edwards
  5. Fakers Luck

    Locke and Prospects

    David's first podcast "scouting report" this time around was Khyri Thomas. Considering Locke's first "coaching candidate rundown" was Quin, we might want to pay attention.
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    Pre-draft workouts

    Musa is planning on only 5 workouts. Jazz are one of them:
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    Pre-draft workouts

    Here's a nice write-up of Jalen McDaniels...possible sleeper? https://www.thestepien.com/2018/05/14/scouting-jalen-mcdaniels-combo-big-sleeper/
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    Real-time NBA Draft !!

    By my count, that's a lot of point guards. Small-ball anyone?
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    Real-time NBA Draft !!

    Didn't Locke say this was the guy who stood out when watching Jaylen Brown?
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    Real-time NBA Draft !!

    Tyrone Wallace at 60!!!
  11. Fakers Luck

    Real-time NBA Draft !!

    Marcus Paige
  12. Fakers Luck

    Real-time NBA Draft !!

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    Love it or hate it? State your draft preferences!

    People hated a potential Lyles pick in last year's thread. Here's mine, but DL will get a pass if he picks a guy I don't like: Love: Realistically, I don't love any projected at 12. Simmons Ingram Bender Jamal Murray OK: Baldwin Davis Skal Luwawu Korkmaz Poeltl Malachi Richardson Dejonte...
  14. Fakers Luck

    2016 Draft Workouts!

    I think the Jazz are protecting the underclassmen who didn't hire an agent and may choose to return to school.