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  1. fallenchicken

    Kutv interviews Clarkson without realizing it

    Lucky that Clarkson is the nicest guy on the planet; another player might have dragged them more.
  2. fallenchicken

    Proof of vaccination or negative COVID test required to attend games

    if you're a mouth-breathing anti-vax season ticket holder the best way to stick it to the liberal Jazz organization is to give me your season tickets for free.
  3. fallenchicken

    Two Years Ago Today

    You thought Jeff Green and Mudiay were going to bring a championship? Honestly it's encouraging how much better we are doing with free agents now. I hope we never have to the only guy we could get was Mudiay days of jazz free agency. I guess Ed Davis was a big signing for us, though we promptly...
  4. fallenchicken

    Rumor: Warriors have interest in trading for Ingles if made available by the jazz.

    If moody is available it makes a lot of sense. But man it would suck because Ingles is an optimal fit for Golden State and it would make them really good, especially if Klay is healthy. This is a team we are going to have to go through next year. Trades between conference competitors don’t...
  5. fallenchicken

    [Stein] Jazz preparing 3 yr/$75 mil offer to Conley

    Fans don't get to decide what a fair deal is. The market is the market and Conley will get paid by someone.
  6. fallenchicken

    Favors to OKC in works (Update: Traded)

    Yeah the situation kind of sucks, but it's the result of signing Favors to a contract that was nearly double what he would have got on the open market. Bigs are cheap and Favors declined this year. He's a great guy and has some value as a player but when you're trying to contend and have to...
  7. fallenchicken

    [Stein] Jazz preparing 3 yr/$75 mil offer to Conley

    You guys would rather let him walk for nothing, take a step back? That path leads to Mitchell forcing his way out in a year. If you can keep him it gives the Jazz a chance, at least, which is all you can do as a small market team. Give yourself a chance and make sure your star feels like he's on...
  8. fallenchicken

    Is Mike Conley Coming Back?

    This is it exactly. If Conley walks we cannot replace him. They have to get him to stay... but you do not want to give him a three year contract. That's what he's going to want though. I guess the question is what the market's like. Would any team give him three years?
  9. fallenchicken

    DL and Quin Snyder Rift

    Honestly I think the Favors signing was the biggest mistake of the offseason and the major issues with the current front office in a microcosm. And of course I didn't think that at the time. But we are paying him a lot of money and he just isn't adding much, even before the Clippers series--and...
  10. fallenchicken

    Jazz Offseason Plan

    There's really not much to do unless you can sell Donovan on a rebuild. That would mean getting rid of Rudy and taking a step back for a couple seasons. As painful as it would be, it's probably the right thing to do. But I don't think you could sell Donovan on it. And you better ace the quick...
  11. fallenchicken

    Game Thread Jun 14, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Clippers - Game 4

    If the Jazz can make it to game 7 they have a chance. But they have to find a way to win game 5 and idk at this point, with how bad they look tonight. We either lose 4 straight or win the series probably The former probably more likely at this point as it does not seem like Mike is coming back.
  12. fallenchicken

    Game Thread Jun 14, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Clippers - Game 4

    Probably should just rest Mitchell. Pray that conley can go next game and if not the series is over.
  13. fallenchicken

    Game Thread Jun 14, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Clippers - Game 4

    Yeah man but what's he going to do. Without Conley we have nothing to mix it up with. If Conley were playing it would help mitchell more than anything. There is way too much burden on him and the clippers can just stop him to stop the jazz. It's a rerun of the Mavs series all of a sudden.
  14. fallenchicken

    Game Thread Jun 14, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Clippers - Game 4

    Who's he going to change? We are six deep this series. We cannot win it without Mike.