1. Growlor

    New videos for Jazz fans addressing race and racism

    Good stuff! Keep it up.
  2. Growlor

    Dante has been out forever because he ded

    Google search Exum injury "People also searched for... Dante Exum death.
  3. Growlor

    Who's Getting Cut?

    From my days coaching high school I remember this feeling... Spend ages agonizing over who to cut and who makes the final roster spot. Then that kid never sees the floor and you wondered why you lost sleep over it...
  4. Growlor

    Possible Uni Leak on Jazz

    I hate the offseason...
  5. Growlor

    24 Hours until that 17 million disappears.....

    If we don't use it where does it go? I thought it was split between the players on the roster... If so that isn't really a reason to take on a useless contract.
  6. Growlor

    The Decisioning

    Can't wait for next weeks, "What do we do now?" polls...
  7. Growlor

    Eric Griffin

    According to the article he is both 6' 7" AND 6' 9"... He sounds AMAZING!
  8. Growlor

    Hill is probably going to the Jazz, if they want him.

    "1. Just about all of the possible destinations for Hill to go to have dried up. Not just the contending teams with cap, but almost all teams that are in the market for a point guard of any kind have that position covered." Hill to the Clippers?
  9. Growlor

    Who is your starting 5

    Burks? The forgotten man... Any news on Alec's readiness as we get closer to the start?
  10. Growlor

    Pleiss Traded to Philly!!!

    You mean Enes Gulen... No longer Kanter. Got to love politics!
  11. Growlor

    The Jazz will be better than the ________, but no greater than the _________.

    The Jazz will be better than the 2000-01 Bulls, but no greater than the 1995-96 Bulls
  12. Growlor

    Go ahead, get your fix.

    Looks like the contest for Jazz 6th man of the year will be a close race. There are 4/5 solid contenders. For the sake of our future I hope the 6th man is one of our young guys. If Burks, Exum (if not a starter) or Lyles can out play the vets it will be afun season to watch.
  13. Growlor

    Go ahead, get your fix.

    How are we not National Champions? Just in the first video alone we outscored our opponents like 50 - 0 !!
  14. Growlor

    Technically, we can't be done, right?

    Well... There you have it. Boris... NOW are we done?