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    The Official "Ask A Woman" Thread

    Will you send me some cookies? I'm hungry. Oh, and I'll be texting you today. Road trip time!
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    What Percentage of Jazzfanz are Alts?

    From my experience with previous forums, it's incredibly easy.
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    I'm Sold On C.J McCollum

    Are you implying that since Burks is a backup PG, that means he has a high basketball IQ? Because well...you'd be wrong. There are a myriad of examples, Steve Franchise being the foremost. I'm really not sure what your point is with this post, care to explain it?
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    The Official Lets Give Corbin Till Midway through Next Year before we Hate on him thread

    I don't think the results of this team are why people are angry or frustrated with Corbin. At least for me, that's how I feel. Corbin's win-loss record this year doesn't really matter that much to me. The main things that are frustrating me are: 1) Our style of play. It's gotten better as of...
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    Favors the odd man out

    We're winning?
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    Following potential 2013 draftees

    I'd rather have Erick Green than Caldwell-Pope, but I don't particularly want either of them.
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    Following potential 2013 draftees

    At the very least, McCollum would give us an explosive scorer off the bench. I don't see how people wouldn't like that. As for the concerns of him not being a PG and more of a combo guard...those are valid concerns. However like PKM said, he was the only offensive option on his team. Plus...
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    Following potential 2014 draftees

    I forgot about him since he didn't play this year, but Rodney Hood is a player to watch. He has a smooth game.
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    Following potential 2013 draftees

    Please. Dala loves you.
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    Following potential 2013 draftees

    Ryan Kelly? I'm intrigued. I like his game, but not sure I like it more than Olynk. I'm not trying to get at you either, just curious at what you see in his game that you like better than the others.
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    Following potential 2013 draftees

    If you'd like to point out the dumb things I've been saying, I'd be more than willing to listen. However speaking of spewing out stupid ****, I do remember a certain somebody saying that Ryan Harrow would be a good PG, and possibly a National Championship PG. Good call on that one.
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    Following potential 2013 draftees

    Here's the thing, I'll always say whom a player's abilities remind me of. Whether they can replicate that players stats or production is up to them, and it's not something I'm going to particularly predict, because it's not very easy to. At least some of us are giving thoughts on players...
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    Following potential 2013 draftees

    While Lee is a crappy defender, he at least has the ability to be good at it. That's why I compared McGary to him, not necessarily because they played the same, but because I feel like have the same kind of physical abilities (Lee is more athletic though) and would play roughly the same role on...
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    Following potential 2013 draftees

    BTW, Beilein's offense is just perfect against the Cuse defense. There's enough spacing because so many players can hit the 3, Burke can penetrate and McGary is doing a good job of running the baseline and the high post. All credit to Beilein in this one so far.
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    Following potential 2013 draftees

    I just don't see Marshall as ever being a legit starting PG. Can't play defense and he can't shoot. In regards to Stockton, I definitely agree that he was a very efficient player who could score well. There's not a doubt in my mind that he could have averaged 20 ppg for the majority of his...