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    Following Potential 2020 draftees

    Allen did drop 40 in an Association regular season game so he does have skills.
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    Not making this a race thing but....

    I'm so white I need a spf 1000 sunscrean.
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    Following Potential 2020 draftees

    What do people of trading cash for Keita Bates-Diop. He's on the Nuggs bench and was a TWolves 2nd round pick in 2018. It seems like this board had him rated highly. He's had decent numbers in the GLeague. I know it's another team's garbage but he is still relatively young.
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    Dell Demps has agreed to join the Utah Jazz as an assistant coach, reuniting with Quin Snyder

    Maybe this will provide good energy on the coaching staff.
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    Following Potential 2020 draftees

    Some 2nd round picks or UDFAs? https://www.ridiculousupside.com/2020/9/21/21448221/twenty-high-major-players-that-could-get-two-ways-during-the-2020-offseason-elleby-wesson-lee
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    Steal now- Lauri Markkanen

    A guy on the Bulls that will probably be available is Chandler Hutchison. He was taken one pick after Grayson in the 1st round and the old coach liked him, not sure about Billy D.
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    Either Conley goes or DL you choose...

    If DL gets sacked who is going to take that kak out of the oven and tell us out how it turned out?
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    Is there a 2020 draft thread?

    Some guys for 2nd round picks of UDFAs. https://www.ridiculousupside.com/2020/9/21/21448221/twenty-high-major-players-that-could-get-two-ways-during-the-2020-offseason-elleby-wesson-lee
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    Alex Caruso

    Caruso was a GLeague player in the not so distant past. Tucker is a rook.
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    Willie Reed

    I think you are seeing some GLeague guys and even some current draft eligible college guys head overseas because of the uncertainty of the GLeague right now. I noticed Jeremy Lin wants to head back to the NBA after playing last year in China. He was really good at the pick and roll at one...
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    Willie Reed

    Who is it? Bradley appears to be gone. Davis ain't it. Morgan is smallish and we probably won't have the money for Favs.
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    Willie Reed

    has signed with Buducnost in Hungry. There goes our backup big.
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    Too Many Question Marks

    I thought DL did a masterful job when Haywood screwed us signing Jonas, Ekpe and Thabo to give us some hope. This year was a bomb.
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    Following Potential 2020 draftees

    X had Curtis Borchardt disease.
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    Too Many Question Marks

    KSL really trashed Bradley and Ingles in their article about the 32 free agents the Jazz might have some interest in. Perhaps the front office is thinking sew up Clarkson and let's go shopping and make a deal. It sounded like Gobert and Spida are the only untouchables. I don't think it is a...