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  1. honz

    Monday Spurs VS Jazz 7 PM ET ---- Front row seat!

    Heh, pretty sure most on this board already knew that about you...
  2. honz

    Utah Jazz @ Dallas Mavericks Wed 2/11/15 6:30 PM MST

    Trey Burke missing lay ups even I would be embarrased to miss. SMH.
  3. honz

    Open Letter To Gordon Hayward

    Too little too late, bish.
  4. honz

    1/7/15: Official Game Thread--Utah Jazz @ Chicago Bulls 6PM MT--ROOT, NBALP

    Trey started at the bottom now he here. (By here I mean that he is better but still terrible)
  5. honz

    Game 5, 11/5/14: Cleveland Cavs at Utah Jazz, 7 pm

    That's what your mom said.
  6. honz

    Shorter Game, More Commercials

    Ummmm....the current 48 minute game format has 10 mandatory TV timeouts, while the new experimental 44 minute game format would have 8 mandatory TV timeouts. Unless I suck at math I'm pretty sure 8 is less than 10.
  7. honz

    With the Fifth Pick... Dante Exum

    I was excited about the pick but it was embarrassing to **** my pants in front of my coworkers. Mixed emotions right now, but smoking a cig and feeling extremely relaxed.
  8. honz

    Uplifting Stories

    I watched a porno with an enthralling story one time that uplifted my penis.
  9. honz

    Send Lindsey back to Texas

  10. honz

    Happy Mother's Day

    Go to bed.
  11. honz

    2014 NBA Playoffs: 1st Round

    I'll put on a Jazz uniform and stroke it if you want bro. See PMs for pics.