1. Ignacio

    Privileged by Kyle Korver

    Wow. America is ****ed up. Rome eating itself. History repeats. Civil War when?
  2. Ignacio

    Bucks at Jazz: 7pm MT

    I'd rather face Houston. Hopefully they collapse in the next few games as I don't think Spurs are catching either.
  3. Ignacio

    Bucks at Jazz: 7pm MT

    Hey I'm a thunder fan, few years back I was here mostly trolling. Just want to say congrats on the steal of the draft, your team is going to be elite for years to come and tbh the fanbase deserves it. Good luck the rest of the season!
  4. Ignacio

    Game Thread - Jazz @ Clippers 8:30 PM MTN

    Good luck tonight Jazzfans, knock Lakers out the playoffs for now tonight!
  5. Ignacio

    Game 28: Jazz @ Thunder Playoff Rematch #1 6pm MT Time

    Honestly, a lot better than I expected too. And thanks, good luck to Jazzfan too... I was actively cheering for Utah after Harden flopped on your guy and he got tossed. One of my favorite games of the year just because of the outcome.
  6. Ignacio

    Game 5: Termination Game -- Jazz @ Thunder 4/25/2018 7:30 pm MST

    damn looks like jazz got this - grats guys, steven adams deserves better :/
  7. Ignacio

    Jazz 2017/18 Playoff Bus! All Aboard!

    OKC fan here, Utah has an amazing young squad. Gobert is a beast. Looking like a fun season in the league, despite all the injuries.
  8. Ignacio

    Jazz @ Thunder 12/5/2017 6:00 pm MST

    Hold this L jazzfan
  9. Ignacio

    Melo traded to OKC for Enes and McDermott

    Loyalbrook here to stay. Huzzah!
  10. Ignacio

    Melo traded to OKC for Enes and McDermott

    I remember when Durant left us, many Jazzfan on here called me out. How does it feel for that to bite you all in your collective asses now? Welcome to obscurity Jazz. Over here we'll still be competing for a title. LOL.
  11. Ignacio

    Melo traded to OKC for Enes and McDermott

  12. Ignacio

    2016 NBA Season Notes/Info

    Needed this after the snake Durant slithered his way out of OKC. I like OKC's future. LOL @ Spurs not doing a thing while two or three more superteams are formed in the west. Wtf were their FO thinking?
  13. Ignacio


    Warriors have yet another injury break - up 20 with Kawhi, send Pachulia in to injure him to win. Pathetic. Hope Zaza gets hit with a car on the way to SA in Game 3 tbh. Once a dirty player always a dirty player.
  14. Ignacio


    With a hobbled Kawhi they will still get Game 3 or 4. Spurs are VERY underrated. Especially on this board. It's crazy.