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    Should we rest Conley tomorrow?

    Carlos Boozer would be telling him to pack it up for the season.
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    Game Thread May 01, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Raptors

    13 point Toronto 4th quarter. Exceptional D!
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    Give Ersan favors’ minutes

    The Big Whopper who called John Stockton "Chachi" his entire rookie year.
  4. Jazz Fusion

    Mitchell injury

    Was this a Cobra Kai sweep the leg move or just an awkward fall?
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    Ersan: Can He Still Contribute?

    Any rumblings of OPJ getting bought out?
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    Trade deadline discussion

  7. Jazz Fusion

    Trade deadline discussion

    From hoopshype. I know the source is questionable, but I am bored: Utah: Bench upgrades Despite some losses recently, the Utah Jazz boast a roster replete with star power (Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert), veteran experience (Mike Conley, Derrick Favorsand Ersan Ilyasova), shooting (Joe...
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    Trade deadline discussion

    Have any of you who live close to a Best Buy heard any trade rumblings? What are the Utah media folks saying about trades?
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    Shawn Bradley paralyzed

    That was my question, too. Also, is it a permanent condition or is rehab possible I wonder. All the best to him and his family.
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    Calling the shot

    Is Kyrylo Fesenko coming back?
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    Quin Or Thibs: NBA Coach Of The Year?

    And who, pray tell, do Las Vegas oddsmakers favor right now for COY?
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    Quin Or Thibs: NBA Coach Of The Year?

    Try to keep up. After the loss to S.A. the Knicks are 18-18. That comes to .500.
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    Quin Or Thibs: NBA Coach Of The Year?

    Glad you are avoiding fan bias (cough, cough).
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    Elijah Millsap: Lindsey in exit interview: “if u say one more word, I’ll cut your Black *** and send you back to Louisiana”.

    I suspect he phrased it like that to support Lindsey and at the same time allow Millsap to save face without being called a liar.