1. Jazz4ever

    2020 Presidential election

    This. You can't put that preposterous bill of $60,000-80,000 onto the taxpayer. Also think of the men and women who sacrificed so much to get their tuition paid off the last 10 years, do they get anything? No? That's bending them over a barrel.
  2. Jazz4ever

    RE: the return of the NBA

    Hasn't Dec 21st been agreed upon already?
  3. Jazz4ever

    2020 Presidential election

    Or they can be a big boy/girl and pay it off themselves by working hard, learning responsibility, and picking a field in demand.
  4. Jazz4ever

    Don/Rudy ESPN Article

    Gobert can catch a pass. You don't lead the league in dunks for two years if you can't catch a pass.... He does lose it occasionally once he starts dribbling.
  5. Jazz4ever

    2020 Presidential election

    Biden's VP pick, if he ever chooses one, will be telling if he's on board with the radical left. The fact Biden is now largely supporting Bernie's free tuition and student loan elimination is worrisome.
  6. Jazz4ever

    Tony Bradley #musclewatch

    He might as well put on 50, not like his vertical could get worse. :D
  7. Jazz4ever

    Following Potential 2020 draftees

    The Jazz don't play the trade back game. If they like Smith and he's on the board they will take him regardless of what mocks are saying.
  8. Jazz4ever

    The unrepentant Rudy Gobert support thread

    Ultimately, their work is a "game", and they are millionaires several times over. While they may never be best friends, that is not a reason to tear it down and start a 10 year rebuilding project. There just isn't a smoking gun reason why there could be some long lasting dislike for one another.
  9. Jazz4ever

    Off-season 2020 Conley Trade Ideas

    No one is going to trade for Mike, the Jazz front office will just have to ride out that blunder.
  10. Jazz4ever

    Schedule Release tonight

    Did they have any Neto murals?
  11. Jazz4ever


    It has to be sarcasm, no one could possibly be this stupid.
  12. Jazz4ever

    3 team trade? Crowder and D-Rose to Utah?

    Hope you don't fall for all those internet scams out there.
  13. Jazz4ever

    Schedule Release tonight

    ESPN, NBATV, and TNT are collectively covering about half the games, tells you how hard up they are for content.
  14. Jazz4ever

    Schedule Release tonight

    Well its going to seem like a glorified summer league. I'll watch some of the games I guess.
  15. Jazz4ever

    Donovan, other players considering not playing

    I don't know if this is going to happen or not.