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    Now that the Kings are projected to take Fredette at 10...

    The Kings are "almost certain" to select BYU PG Jimmer Fredette with the No. 10 pick, according to Newsday's Alan Hahn. SI's Sam Amick also says that rival teams are now expecting the Kings to take Fredette. By trading away Beno Udrih and moving back a few spots, the Kings have set themselves up...
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    Now that the Kings are projected to take Fredette at 10...

    Really? I think our team could use a shooter. I think Fredette could pan out with the second unit nicely haha.
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    Now that the Kings are projected to take Fredette at 10...

    Do you think we'd get Kemba/Kanter? Thats a pretty nice draft... recent reports on Kemba show a "minor" knee concern.
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    1280: Jazz offered Harris and #12 for Tony Parker and Richard Jefferson?

    jazz offered Harris/12 for Parker? that's what's being reported on rotoworld.. would u guys do it? sorry if this has been posted already
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    Head Coach Jerry Sloan to resign today :(

    Jerry Sloan is resigning in part because of a strained relationship with Deron Williams, sources tell Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski. According to beat writer Brian Smith, Williams and Sloan have had multiple flareups this season. And after their latest one Wednesday night, Sloan decided to give it...
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    No Lead Safe Against Jazz!

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    Jerry Sloan Article NBA.com

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    Why can't we shoot freethrows?

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    Jazz Give Williams Reason To Stay

    Yahoo Sport's Article on Dwill and the Jazz: https://sports.yahoo.com/nba/news;_ylt=As1Oz5xNEyenFO8bnc4CeBC8vLYF?slug=mc-williamsjazz102110
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    Los Angeles Jazz Fans

    Would totally be down to do something like this :)
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    Jazz Franchise Ranking (Hollinger)

    Whoops, has us ranked 7th.
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    Jazz Franchise Ranking (Hollinger)

    Sorry if it's been posted already. Since it was Published a little over a month ago, I'd expect it to be on here. "It's amazing that a franchise that started so badly could end up being so good for so long. Entering the league as the New Orleans Jazz in 1974-75, the franchise had neither a...
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    John Hollinger's Offseason Winners

    where do you guys get these hilarious pictures from? lol googleimages?
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    Sanders is much better than Hayward

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    Can I post

    LOL hahhaah