1. Jazzbg

    The Nets

    IMO the Nets are the only team that could stop the Jazz this season. In first game we were smashed like bugs without KD and Harden.
  2. Jazzbg

    2020-2021 Western Conference Regular Season Prediction Contest

    1 LAL 2 UTA 3 HOU 4 GSW 5 LAC 6 POR 7 DEN 8 PHX 9 NO 10 DAL 11 MIN 12 SA 13 MEM 14 SAC 15 OKC
  3. Jazzbg

    Rudy to Hawks Speculation

    Change Huerter with Labissiere, sounds more real. I think FO won't sell Rudy. He is one of the all Jazz have, build around them, don't change for worse players.
  4. Jazzbg

    Game Thread Aug 17, 2020: Jazz at Nuggets - Game 1

    Next game, Nuggets wouldn't be so lucky shooting the ball. We had the chance to win, but Murray was the one with the big shots.
  5. Jazzbg

    A Gentlemen's Agreement?

    If Jazz loses to Nuggets today, it is clear that we meet them at the playoffs.
  6. Jazzbg

    Site Maintenance Moved Up to Saturday

    The news article is vertical today for me! Yesterday was OK. I have to scroll down for ten seconds to reach forums!
  7. Jazzbg

    Thoughts on this

    I wish the roster for the next season to be like that: Conley/Mudiay/JWF Mitchell/Clarkson/Tucker Bogdanovic/O'Neale/Oni Wood/Brantley/Morgan Gobert/Bradley/Udoh IMO this team has enough offensive power, good defenders and youth to be contenders, at least on paper. I don't think Rudy will change...
  8. Jazzbg

    Jazz Fanz logo

    I see both with Opera, with Chrome see only Mitchell. The OS is Android 8.0.
  9. Jazzbg

    Jazz Fanz logo

    I see both. Icon is Malone, in site is Mitchell.
  10. Jazzbg

    Game thread: The allure of John Amaechi — Utah @ Detroit 3/7/20 5 pm

    You are right, but I watch this guy play for a year when he was in NOLA. This year in Detroit he was on the bench until Blake's injury. In games when he was given playing time every time he shows good results. I was confident to myself that if he is a starter he is the guy for Jazz. Now as a...
  11. Jazzbg

    Game thread: The allure of John Amaechi — Utah @ Detroit 3/7/20 5 pm

    FO missed the moment to get him. In December he could cost Niang plus NWG. I don't belive Jazz to get him in FA.
  12. Jazzbg

    Addressing our deficit at power forward

    I like Brantley, he could be our PF, but Wood is the man we can afford now. He has the numbers, he has the body, plays defence, has NBA experience and is cheap. We need PF now, next season is far future.
  13. Jazzbg

    Addressing our deficit at power forward

    FO had to put Green and Niang in package for Wood. Now we have no chance to get him by the end of season. The guy respect a lot - in today's game 22 pts 7 r in 23 min at high efficiency.
  14. Jazzbg

    Marcus Morris - other power forwards.

    I wrote it today, IMO he is the guy Jazz need. He is young, cheap, good scorer and rebounder. Last year in NOP I think he made 6 blocks in a game. His salary is equal to Niang, but he is much better player.
  15. Jazzbg

    2020 NBA trade deadline discussion

    I wonder, could we trade Niang for Christian Wood? IMO he is the guy we need on roster! He is young, cheap contract, he can score and good rebounder!