1. jazzfan1971

    Can Donovan be a Good Defender

    I think we need to hope he becomes an average defender. If he just could manage that with his offense he would be top15 in the league. With a slight positive in defense top 10 is in reach.
  2. jazzfan1971

    Game Thread Jan 10, 2021 1:00PM MT: Jazz at Pistons

    Story of the game. Pistons are so bad the Jazz stumble backwards into a win.
  3. jazzfan1971

    Game Thread Jan 10, 2021 1:00PM MT: Jazz at Pistons

    I've seen enough Niang for this... ever.
  4. jazzfan1971

    Quotes from Celtics' forums-"We should trade Tatum for Jordan Clarkson"

    Happy birthday Marcus Smart, your present is you're the only one to show up today and you get a kick in the dick. Lol.
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    Could someone PM me a stream link?
  6. jazzfan1971

    Rubio/Crowder threes vs. Conley/Bogdanovic threes

    Lets just hope we are more improved offensively than we are degraded on the defensive end.
  7. jazzfan1971

    At which position do we feel least comfortable?

    Is Toliver still in the league?
  8. jazzfan1971

    Jazz select Justin Wright-Foreman with the 53rd pick

    I thought I saw some good and bad. Bad: Terrible shot selection. He tries those contested shots in the NBA it's going to be a block and headed the other direction. He also dribbles into a lot of midrangers. I think in the NBA he's going to have to focus more on the 3pt shot as his bread and...
  9. jazzfan1971

    58th pick - Miye Oni - traded from Warriors

    Seems like a Spurs pick. (high praise)
  10. jazzfan1971

    Jazz trade for the 50th pick and select Jarrell Brantley

    I liked everything I saw on the highlight reel. Showed a huge array of skills. Only 2 things: First, I'm not sure that the NBA refs will let him clear space with his off arm like that, maybe they will, but he's really relies on it. Second, it's a highlight reel, of course he'll look good. I...
  11. jazzfan1971

    Sounds Like Favors is Coming Back

    It makes sense. Favors could either be A) a useful piece for the Jazz, or B) A positive value trade chip, or C) represent cap space. A and B both require we resign him, and if you can find a team that values him more than cap space then B>C. I think a team like Sacramento would pay more for...
  12. jazzfan1971

    What Do We Do if we get no big name tree agents?

    So, you'd prefer Favors, Rubio, and Reddick over signing Kemba??
  13. jazzfan1971

    What Do We Do if we get no big name tree agents?

    I think we then split our money on 2-3 rotation guys instead. And one or two of those guys might be Favors or Rubio. I kinda like Marcus Morris if things go bad. But the Jazz should have their pick of many 3rd tier free agents to choose from. Nobody else will have much money if the Jazz...
  14. jazzfan1971

    Grayson Allen 2nd Season

    I thought he was horrific. Gawd awful defense and the Jazz offense just cratered with him on the floor. Yeah, he might have improved a bit as the year went on, but his early impressions just stick with me. He'll have to get leaps and bounds better to just be a rotation guy. Right now he's...
  15. jazzfan1971

    I posted a thread on realgm on how I see the offseason going.