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    Will You Accept the Findings of the Muller Probe?

    Take a look at every democratic controlled large city in this country and tell me what you find. Race has nothing to do with the fact that those cities have been run by democrats for decades and they’ve all been forgotten about. Homeless, filthy, rats, disease, violence, and poverty. Yet they...
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    Truck owners?

    I have an F-150 and I love it. It has tons of room. The back seat is plenty big enough. My dad drove mine one day and a week later he bought himself one. He’s also a VP of Purchasing for a large company. He now buys them for their fleet vehicles as well.
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    The official "let's reelect Trump" thread

    Excuse? I’m not sure you know what the word excuse means. But since you don’t watch CNN I guess YOU don’t have an excuse to be so blind to what is happening right in front of you.
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    The official "let's reelect Trump" thread

    Oppose country first? *Stopping illegal immigration *Booming economy *Removing US from TERRIBLY BAD trade deals. Yeah you nailed it. You can shake your FH all you want to. The fact is the country is in a better spot today than it was when he took over. There is.l no disputing that. You can...
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    The official "let's reelect Trump" thread

    My moral compass is just fine. Excuse me if I choose to support someone who puts our country first.
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    Jazz vs Nuggets

    That guy is just unreal. I hope he stays in Utah for a long time.
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    Jazz vs Nuggets

    Absolutely right!!
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    Jazz vs Nuggets

    War Damn Eagle!!!
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    Jazz vs Nuggets

    Dude, it’s 11 here already. Step it up.
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    For those Jazz fans that LURK here but don't post

    I’m almost exclusively a lurker. I don’t get any Jazz news here in Alabama so I use this board as a one stop shop to read articles I would have never found or find out what’s being said around SLC. I just looked and I’ve been a member since 2011.
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    Hayward to Boston

    What a joke.
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    Game 2: Utah at Golden State. TONIGHT! 830 ESPN

    We seem like we are in cement against these guys.
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    Good season. Disappointing end

    What a D*** Head
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    Charles Barkly

    I'm partial to Charles because he went to Auburn and he's one of the only positive things to come from Auburn's basketball program. That being said, he played in the NBA during one of the greatest eras the sport will probably ever see. Don't fool yourself. The guy knows the game and knows what...