1. Max Porter

    Game Thread May 10, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Warriors

    I love how the media and warriors commentators frame this loss vs the GSW as a big moral win for them. It’s not. Technically they won the game yes but if anything it’s a moral win for the jazz to only lose by 3 without two of our three all stars.
  2. Max Porter

    Bojan Bogdanovic named Western Conference Player of the Week

    ? Who is Orange Julius? So confused. But yeah that's cute maybe the Knicks will do something one year out of...how long since they've made the playoffs? Sorry it's been awhile I just can't remember :)
  3. Max Porter

    Game Thread May 10, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Warriors

    I missed the 4th quarter - last I saw the jazz were down about 16 or so...I watched the highlights with Clarkson. Wow! I'm not even disappointed they lost. To lose only be 3 without Conley and Mitchell. That's impressive. Right now I'm thinking I want the warriors in the playoffs. How satisfying...
  4. Max Porter

    Mitchell injury

    I would be shocked if the jazz will bring him back before the playoffs started. I think they are being insanely cautious and perhaps a bit paranoid. If the jazz don’t get the lakers or GS I don’t think it’s a big deal - he’ll find his rhythm. If it looks like they will get either of those they...
  5. Max Porter

    SIAP - Just a disgusting piece of journalism. Hit piece in the SF Chronicle.

    I’m liberal and this article is such BS. So your argument is that because some fans are racist you shouldn’t buy an nba team? Wouldn’t it HELP to have someone who has made it his goal to support anti racist groups and donate money to equal rights communities like Ryan Smith has? There are worse...
  6. Max Porter

    Game Thread Apr 19, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Lakers

    I do agree with you that it’s not really must win but disagree with your last statement because I guarantee you the Lakers can do just ok from here on out and still go to the finals. The jazz just don’t have that luxury - they really need very solid rhythm going into the playoffs to go very far...
  7. Max Porter

    Quote from Lakers' forums-"All five Utah starters had double digit points, and yet a bench player still had the most scored in the game."

    Lakers fans are kind of like 16 year old rich spoiled brats who think they deserve everything given to them and if that if you don’t win championships you are a loser. Newsflash: everyone wants to play for you because of your location haha you get so many advantages simply due to location and...
  8. Max Porter

    Someone is a

    haha too accurate! Simmons is kind of like a Pomeranian who thinks he’s a lion because he has a mane and a loud piercing obnoxious bark. You know the kind everyone wants to drop kick?
  9. Max Porter

    Someone is a

    Simmons is all talk because he’s deeply insecure about his own talent. He can’t shoot and knows it so he has to boast about other skills to make up for it. He should show us his skills instead of tell us.
  10. Max Porter

    Mitchell injury

    I hope he doesn't miss more than 4 or 5 games...it looked bad. He couldn't put much pressure on it at all. Fingers crossed there isn't anything else going on. Bogie, Mike, and JC will have step up their roles.
  11. Max Porter

    Jamal Murray Injured

    I want the jazz to to play everyone at full strength. That’s unfortunate to see - hope he heals quickly. Great player.
  12. Max Porter

    What Do Jazz Fans Feel Their Chances Are Against The Nets?

    I don’t think anyone can beat the Nets if they are fully healthy but I do think the jazz have a much better shot at it than most. They have a way better shot at it than the Knicks haha but then again the Knicks have no shot against the top 4 teams in the East.
  13. Max Porter

    Game Thread Apr 05, 2021 05:00PM MT: Jazz at Mavericks

    I figured they’d lose this one, then I read Kristap was out and I thought for sure we got this. Honestly though, this loss doesn’t concern me at all - it was just one of those games where all the luck, all the 50/50 balls went the Mavericks way; not to mention just the dreadful shooting...
  14. Max Porter

    Nba don't want the Jazz to win the title.

    I was talking about the Jazz I didn’t say SA is a small market haha SA is definitely much smaller than the Lakers, Clippers, Boston and Miami though. It’s not just about warmth. I’ve heard it’s nice though haha I don’t know.
  15. Max Porter

    Nba don't want the Jazz to win the title.

    It’s enjoyable watching my small market team that no free agent wants to go to who can’t get any buyout players get beat by a big market team that every free agent and buyout player wants to join when my small market team worked their tail to come this far and spent years developing? No not...