1. mellow

    Game Thread Apr 16, 2021 01:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Pacers

    Sweep the leg....
  2. mellow

    Game Thread Mar 31, 2021 06:00PM MT: Jazz at Grizzlies

    I bet that's where Donovan is.
  3. mellow

    Devin Booker into the All Star squad

    Booker will like Quins call to shoot every open shot. And Quin will really appreciate Bookers commitment to defense.
  4. mellow

    Carmelo says there was potential deal on table to send him to Utah from Denver

    Locke has hinted as much in his not-so-subtle ways. There was a Hayward for Harden deal that almost went down with OKC.
  5. mellow

    Who's getting bought out this year?

    Lakers will add former all-stars. Jazzfanz talking about d-leauge players. Stephen A smith is not wrong.
  6. mellow

    Who will win the Kevin Love sweepstakes?

    Lakers or Boston.
  7. mellow

    Game Thread Jan 21, 2021 8:00PM MT (TNT): Jazz vs. Pelicans

    I would love to see Ingram play for the Jazz and Quinn.
  8. mellow

    Game Thread Jan 21, 2021 8:00PM MT (TNT): Jazz vs. Pelicans

    Only a truly awful person would say such a thing. A truly noble person who loves his family would do his duty and delete that post before the bitterness takes root in his heart and he destroys the precious souls of his posterity.
  9. mellow

    How would save this team as “the DL replacement”?

    First id build a time machine....
  10. mellow

    The Two Things Holding the Jazz Back from Being Elite

    Oh, you had a basketball answer, and I thought it was geography and demographics.
  11. mellow

    Game Thread Jan 03, 2021 5:00PM MT: Jazz at Spurs

    What do you think? Jazz give two or three second rounders to take him?
  12. mellow

    Donovan Mitchell Struggles

    Got his big contract. Now trying to force his way to Knicks.
  13. mellow

    Game Thread Dec 26, 2020: Jazz vs. Wolves

    Agreed. The Jazz are decidedly average.
  14. mellow

    How Would You Defend the Jazz?

    Start by gaurding Gobert with a shorter strong guy. Cut off Goberts rolls to the above the foul line like an offensive lineman defending the DE. Gaurd the spot up shooters. Allow Conley to drive. Encourage Mitchell to play hero ball and hope he is off.
  15. mellow

    Aussie part owner !!

    Conley for Simmons works.