1. MoTappin

    Jerry Seinfeld Guards Thurl Bailey

    I didn't know Jerry played back in the day. :D This was just too funny not to share with you guys. I don't know if anyone else thinks the guy guarding Thurl is a Jerry Seinfeld doppelgänger.:)
  2. MoTappin

    What is Wrong with Donovan?

    My husband said Mitchell has had the flu. Not sure where he got the info.
  3. MoTappin

    Jazz @ Pelicans 1/16/20 6 PM MT Going For 11 Straight Wins Game Thread

    Man, bad calls and no calls for the OT. We didn’t play great and probably deserved the L, but still...
  4. MoTappin

    Tonights game is huge

    I was hoping to see some redemption tonight. This trip has been ugly. I love Donovan, but sometimes he takes things into his own hands where he shouldn’t. I’m glad he has confidence, but he also needs to see when the team would be better off for him to give up the ball to someone with a hotter...
  5. MoTappin

    Do you have reliable access to Jazz games this coming season?

    I AirPlay from a browser on my MacBook to my AppleTV. Works great.
  6. MoTappin

    Hot Rod

    My old stomping grounds too. Not way back then but more recently before we moved to St George about a year ago. Sad that Shopko is closed now. I used to frequent the one in Sugar House. They went way downhill the last few years.
  7. MoTappin

    Hot Rod

    Yeah, I think that’s where it was.
  8. MoTappin

    Hot Rod

    Great thread. I became a die hard Jazz fan back in the mid to late 80s. When the game wasn’t on TV I’d lie on the living room floor with the radio, listening with my dad. Then I’d write about every game in my journal. I still have a precious few ticket stubs in there. I had a poster of Stockton...
  9. MoTappin

    Do you have reliable access to Jazz games this coming season?

    @jope I'm assuming the no-app-required use is just from whatever laptop/browser and I can airplay it to my AppleTV. I think I'll subscribe for the season. Thanks!
  10. MoTappin

    We signed Jeff Green

    Good pick up for our front line. From what I've read he's a good defender and can be streaky, but can probably help us fill in some gaps. Cool.
  11. MoTappin

    Go Jazz

    I’m pretty sure we need some kind of countdown clock.
  12. MoTappin

    Jazz sign Ed Davis

  13. MoTappin


    Seeing great things about the Ed Davis signing. That he’s a grinder, great locker room guy, hustler, rebounder, etc. Waaaay too long to wait for October!
  14. MoTappin

    The official: Thank you Favors thread.

    Man, I’m gonna miss Favors. Always a class act. Always worked hard and never complained even when he could have. A consummate pro, great teammate, talented guy with a solid work ethic. Good luck to you. I really hope you land in an amazing situation for your talents and family.