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    If Gobert drops another ball...

    It’s why hand pads is high on draft priorities.. it can’t be taught. Sorry for mangling that reference, but it had to be said.
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    How to watch???

    It does come with HBO Now though... so if you were planning to do that anyways then the $65 is comparable.
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    Yogi Ferrell signs with Jazz.

    I’ll take a shot at the Da Vinci Code... I think this is a sign that Conley is gone. My guess is that he is part of the Harden trade where we get a player who is cheaper this year (no tax), but will put us over the tax the next two years. We had a shot at a championship run with the Conley...
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    How much better are the jazz?

    The Jazz will be significantly better. The team you last saw will add Boj and Favs back into the fold.
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    [Woj] Donovan Mitchell signs 5/195M max designated rookie extension with the Jazz

    Totally agree that Mitchell is gone at the end of this new contract, and you would too... I mean, winning like 5 championships in a row would get boring. He wants the nba to stay competitive after this legendary run we are about to have.
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    2020 Free Agency Thread

    Not sure if it will work, but I’m intrigued with Favors coming back. His off/on court numbers have to be some of the best in the nba for his price point... and it’s shown true across two different teams now. Favors / Gobert combo wasn’t the issue, it was when another non-shooter was added to...
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    We need the DM max extension update ASAP

    It’s clearly in Mitchell’s court. Does anyone think the Jazz didn’t immediately offer him the max? The longer this goes the more worried we all should be as it very likely could be Mitchell demanding a trade of either himself or Rudy.
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    2020 Free Agency Thread

    I think it’s clear that the Jazz are hedging their bets here. Two possible scenarios that to me make their actions fully understandable. 1. The jazz aren’t willing to offer Rudy the max and don’t know if they will be able to come to terms with him. 2. The jazz have decided that if they had to...
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    Don Issue 1's $50

    I don’t recommend these shoes. I love the look / style, but the traction is as bad as I’ve seen in a basketball shoe. Only get these if you are fortunate enough to play on a court that gets thoroughly cleaned / redone frequently. Sent from my iPhone using JazzFanz mobile app
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    Jeff Green has been waived

    Very helpful. Thank you. Do you know what the financial impacts of Green’s waiver are? Does it depend on if anyone picks him up? Sent from my iPhone using JazzFanz mobile app
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    Bucks @ Jazz 7:00pm(MST)

    I can confirm he said “oh no” just as Bojan stepped back to shoot. I really liked their announcers.. they flat out said when the refs missed something on both sides of the ball. One comment that stands out was something like “I can’t even try to defend that; that was just too obvious.” Sent...
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    Bucks @ Jazz 7:00pm(MST)

    Two posts in one night is a record for me... are you not allowed to challenge the foul on Mitchell on that drive? Sent from my iPhone using JazzFanz mobile app
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    Bucks @ Jazz 7:00pm(MST)

    I never post... but just have to say that was one of the worst officiated quarters I’ve seen in awhile. Sent from my iPhone using JazzFanz mobile app
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    You gotta see this tweet "cat guy"

    Hilarious - thanks for posting it. Sent from my iPhone using JazzFanz mobile app
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    Interesting SLC Dunk article on whether the Jazz should acquire Carmelo

    You’ve all lost it. The article makes some ridiculous assumptions, and don’t even get me started on the advanced metrics they try to use. Sent from my iPhone using JazzFanz mobile app