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    Where Do You Live? Inside Utah or Outside? (poll)

    Live in Cedar City but I think most people assume Utah ends at Nephi and we're more northern Arizona than Utah.
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    Utah Jazz Team building

    Holy hell, did Ryan Smith learn how to correctly wear a hat?
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    Bojan Bogdanovic appreciation thread

    He has that old school toughness. There were several times he's rolled an ankle and I thought "Oh ****, he'll be out for weeks" and he came right back in. Great under pressure and honestly should have taken more end of game shots instead of DM. I'll miss his cool headed threes in crunch times...
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    Grade the Trade: Mitchell to Cavs

    It was preemptive and gives a glimmer of hope for the future. Another season of Donovan would just be procrastinating the inevitable and the return was heavily in our favor when looking to the future. The fact that for now the Knicks lose out on a player who wants to be there puts it over the top.
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    I no longer hate the Utah Jazz

    Personally, I'm excited to see what the future brings. Hopefully guy's who play hard and a coach who's a motivator and understands personalities as well as talent. I was so over last years team and knowing they were headed for the cliff they eventually drove off. I'm also going to enjoy seeing...
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    Thank You Spida Mitchell!!!

    We were a paper tiger and literally everyone knew it! Makes the playoff collapse that much worse, even though you could see it coming a mile away.
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    The Dark Horse: Udoka Azubukie

    I have little to no faith he stays healthy with his history.
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    Thank You Spida Mitchell!!!

    His first couple of years were awesome, and brought back hope to the organization. The last couple were difficult to watch as he struggled to close games and all but refused to play defense. I hope he learns to overcome quarrels with teammates and learns to become a facilitator as well as a top...
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    Tell me what Don wants, what he really really wants

    Oh how I hope this is true. We really need to maximize his value.
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    Hawks signing Forrest

    Good for Trent. It’ll be interesting to see how they use him.
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    Name a player that wouldve won Stockton & Malone rings.

    Dennis Rodman. We needed a little touch of nasty.
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    Jazz and Knicks discussing Donovan Mitchell trade per Shams Charania and Tony Jones

    Just out of curiosity, how high on yourself do you have to be to not capitalize God? *sarcasm*
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    Deron would rise to the occasion in clutch time and had the wcf where better officiating would of had us in the finals. Don largely shrinks in the clutch. Therefore, I'm taking Deron.
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    Mitchell Will be Traded Today (9/1/22)

    I did that and still wonder how, I'm claustrophobic as hell. Fly fishing for bonefish, permit and tarpon was off the hook. I hit my saltslam first trip.
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    The truth shall set you free

    Is lopo on suicide watch after all of this? Gonna break his heart.