1. stormkoopacv03

    Game Thread Apr 30, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Suns

    It's obvious that Jazz would submit to the Suns tonight. This is why ppl aren't taking Jazz seriously for the playoffs, even if we're fully healthy. 2nd rd GG
  2. stormkoopacv03


    A second rd exit again I'm afraid.
  3. stormkoopacv03

    Game Thread Apr 26, 2021 06:00PM MT: Jazz at Wolves

    I'm embarrassed that the Jazz are still a #1 seed.
  4. stormkoopacv03

    Game Thread Apr 17, 2021 02:30PM MT: Jazz at Lakers

    OT score looks quite embarrassing for the Jazz.
  5. stormkoopacv03

    Game Thread Apr 16, 2021 01:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Pacers

    All this 'playing from behind and playing catch up' is really gettin' old. Jazz done it last year and this year. It's not a good habit to have, especially for a number 1 seed. They need to stop this s*** if they want to be successful in the playoffs. If not, they'll just end up wearing...
  6. stormkoopacv03

    Game Thread Apr 07, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Suns

    Honestly, if the Jazz fail to hang on to the 1st seed which they will. They should just drop back down to 5th or 6th seed for a better draft pick. Since the Jazz are so so good in the regular season right? It wouldn't matter what seed they get. lol
  7. stormkoopacv03

    Game Thread Apr 07, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Suns

    We'll leave the win up to guys then. lol
  8. stormkoopacv03

    Game Thread Apr 07, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Suns

    Ugh.. idk I see the Suns winning by 6 pts or so. But we'll see if the Jazz have the stomach to pull off a win tonight.
  9. stormkoopacv03

    April Jazzers bring the BOOM!!

    Definitely 11-5
  10. stormkoopacv03

    Nba don't want the Jazz to win the title.

    The NBA will root for the Jazz until up to the point they reach the WCF then turn heel on them. They'll side with either the Lakers or Clippers because it'll get more them more profit via ratings during the Finals. If the Jazz went to the Finals, not much profit would be made unfortunately...
  11. stormkoopacv03

    Game Thread Mar 24, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Nets

    Did Brooklyn rested their starters, already aware they'd be slaughtered? lol
  12. stormkoopacv03

    Doc Rivers BS campaigning again - Ben Simmons is a lock to win DPOY

    As much as I would like Rudy to win again, however the media and ppl are already crowning Simmons as DPOY since Rudy has already won it a couple times and isn't a sexier pick. It is said Simmons has brought it when it really counted, shutting down offensive players during crunch time while Rudy...
  13. stormkoopacv03

    Donovan and Rudy selected last for all-stars

    I remember Kendall Gill of the Charlotte Hornets used to be a beast from the 3pt line on NBA Jam.
  14. stormkoopacv03

    Conley invited to the all star game

    Whoa, for both? All star game and 3pt shooting? That's pretty cool. Excited for Mike!
  15. stormkoopacv03

    Donovan and Rudy selected last for all-stars

    It won't change until Rudy and Donovan show the league and players that they won a championship.