1. The Jazz Wonderbra

    A request

    Has anyone watched this? Jazzfanz appears more and more a victim of the social dillema. Its well worth a watch and a bit of thought about your source of info.
  2. The Jazz Wonderbra

    A request

    Before anyone goes off on anyone about politics on a sports forum..., may I recommend watching "The social dillema" on netflix or listening to "the rabbit hole" podcast. And when you think it doesn't apply to you, it does. Consider and take a chill pill.
  3. The Jazz Wonderbra

    Steal now- Lauri Markkanen

    Jom, step away from the cliff. To me it looks like we have all but locked up Mitchell with an extension, plus we added 2 semi-all stars to a team with 2 all stars. Rebuild is not the tone.
  4. The Jazz Wonderbra

    Dragic at PG

    I could see it. Conley was playing better the last 3rd of the season so we will probably just stick with him. But I could see it... IF we unloaded Conley.
  5. The Jazz Wonderbra

    Gordon Hayward axed

    I think you guys are suggesting that she wears the strap on in the relationship... is that right?
  6. The Jazz Wonderbra

    Chris Paul Trade: Bucks, Sixers And Four More Teams Interested In Acquiring OKC Star?

    Would you trade Conley for Piss? Some of us would probably do that. But that Albatross contract doh?
  7. The Jazz Wonderbra

    Re-Tool Younger Trade Idea

    Would you trade a perennial all star in his prime and a serviceable starter / 3rd scoring option PLUS downgrade your draft pick for Tobias Harris who used to play for your team but left on his own free will? Orlando doesn't do it. Perhaps if they kept the #15 AND got the #23. Then they...
  8. The Jazz Wonderbra

    Re-Tool Younger Trade Idea

    PJ Wash, Miles Bridges, Monk, Ntilikina, Christian Wood, and a #3 pick do not a playoff contender make. They all have flaws in their games. None of them individually moves the needle. We can pick up similar players in vets who want to compete. Losing all stars for role players and...
  9. The Jazz Wonderbra

    Anybody else see this on social media?

    Rudy on the Jazz - YES PLEASE. He's the anchor. Rudy with a supermax on the Jazz for the next 4 years as he ages, with his numbers already starting to dip a bit. VERY NEGOTIABLE. Zach Lavine is not the answer. How about Rudy for Brandon Ingram, Jaxson Hayes, and draft considerations (they...
  10. The Jazz Wonderbra

    Point Guard Musical Chairs

    Let's not be silly now... Then again that would be pretty fun to see 2017 with the additions.
  11. The Jazz Wonderbra

    The Julius Randle for Mike Conley article.

    I don't see the need for us to add a draft pick. I also don't see us adding Randle AND Favors. Conley for Randle makes sense on a lot of levels for both teams but it is not my perfect trade. Randle brings more toughness and rebounding. Plus he does a better job than Favors at stretching...
  12. The Jazz Wonderbra

    Most Glaring Roster Holes

    4. Get more athletic 5. Get tougher both physically and mentally
  13. The Jazz Wonderbra

    Trade the pick

    All I have heard on this board about draft picks is "waaaaah. We traded our picks in the conley deal... waaaah". And now I hear "let's trade our draft pick for... wait for it folks... yup, you heard it... "for a FUTURE draft pick or something". We are in the presence if wisdom folks.
  14. The Jazz Wonderbra

    Trade ideas for teh lolz

    Gobert for Embid is very interesting indeed. But I only do it if we get Neto back and throw in Davis. ;) Gobert and Conley for the Greek Freak? COUNT ME IN! But it's a pipe dream tbh.
  15. The Jazz Wonderbra

    Jazz Salary Breakdown for 20-21 Season

    And yet they are rumored to be in play to buy RSL and they just released their director of tickets sales and former vivint exec to return RSL as the interim pres during the sale of RSL? I suspect they are doing fine.