1. Udidthizz

    How far do we fall?

    Just let that one win not be against Denver tomorrow. Trying to get down to the 6th seed only to end up in a matchup with the nr. 3 Rockets.
  2. Udidthizz

    Prediction... We Will See the G League Guys

    I'm pretty excited about seing the 'other' guys getting some meaningful playing time. But unless Clarkson goes for 50 I have a hard time seeing them get to 70. Time for Brantley to live up to my irrationally high expectations of him!
  3. Udidthizz

    Dragan Bender on Waivers

    To be fair to Tony, his per 36 scoring and rebounding numbers are pretty much identical to Gobert's. Not comparable in any other way of course, but it's somewhat impressive.
  4. Udidthizz

    Following Potential 2020 draftees

    Unfortunately they're also comparable in that they can't really shoot. I'd be fine with Tre Jones if he'd be a better shooter (but then he'd be a higher pick). He may get better, but there's not a lot of minutes in the league for a guard that can't shoot (and isn't Russell Westbrook or Demar...
  5. Udidthizz

    Following Potential 2020 draftees

    Still seeing a lot of Tre Jones in different mocks. Does indeed feel like a typical Jazz pick. Gives me Jacque Vaughn vibes. His scouting report should make the Conley haters happy: 'Jones took another year of college to develop his outside jump shot which was very inconsistent. Other than his...
  6. Udidthizz

    Jordan Clarkson Extension

    I just want Favs back at the MLE.
  7. Udidthizz

    2020 NBA trade deadline discussion

    He has a very solid body and plenty of energy, which is something we could use. Guys are bouncing of him when he plays through contact. I guess the problem for now is learning his role on defense.
  8. Udidthizz

    2020 NBA trade deadline discussion

    I like him a lot. I’ve now decided to pin all my hopes on him being brought up and be the second coming of Zion.
  9. Udidthizz

    2020 NBA trade deadline discussion

    Three hours left. We’re gonna end up with Kevin Love, aren’t we?
  10. Udidthizz

    Westbrook out and Harden doubtful vs. the Jazz

    They’re on a back-to-back from Denver too, so even at full strength it would be a really tough game for them. Ideally the Rockets win tonight and we beat them tomorrow so we gain a game on both of them.
  11. Udidthizz


    That’s what she said!
  12. Udidthizz

    Mitchell's new Nickname idea "The Takeover"

    Someone else here suggested 'the undertaker' for Mudiay, since he buried Exum. Would be a good combo.
  13. Udidthizz

    Ekpe or Ed Davis

    I hope so too! To be fair, I think the Jazz got better since last season but if all the new players will work out as expected (or hoped) or just some of them remains to be seen. But I choose to be wildly optimistic for now :)
  14. Udidthizz

    Ekpe or Ed Davis

    Davis hasn't shown anything yet with the Jazz because he's played exactly zero meaningful minutes with the Jazz. There's a reason he's one of the most coveted backup centers in the league, whereas Ekpe, much as I loved him, was never more than 3rd string even with the Jazz. And if we're...
  15. Udidthizz

    Anyone Else Happy Preseason is Over?

    I feel the same way, if only because the Jazz started a little slowly the last few seasons. But a few other teams (Clippers with Kawhi and an injured George, Lakers fitting in Davis and almost all their youngsters gone, Rockets fitting in Westbrook) will have similar problems.