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Who would win?

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Thee Idiotic Minivan K

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Who would win a 7 game playoff series?

Wes Mantooth
Rudy Gobert // Enes Kanter
Joe Johnson // Marvin Williams
Joe Ingles // Thabo Sefolosha
Matt Harpring // Ty Corbin
Mike Conley // Randy Foye


Eliza Huge
Carlos Boozer - Ekpe Udoh
Donyell Marshall Jarron Collins
Bryon Russell - Josh Howard
Jordan Clarkson - Ronnie Brewer
Pete Maravich // Gail Goodrich
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Thee Idiotic Minivan K

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Wish Eliza Huge would’ve put Clarkson where he belongs on the bench. Hate him and Pistol in the same lineup, he has no scoring on the bench and plenty of shooting without Clarkson in the starting lineup. This would’ve given his team more balanced offensively and defensively.

Ron Mexico

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That would be layup drills all day against Eliza's team. A terrible defender, especially at the 5 in Boozer. And two really poor guard defenders. Gobert isnt pulled out of the paint much and would give Boozer a lot of problems. I think this ones a blowout as well.