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2022 Jazzfanz All Time NBA Draft Competition 3rd round 3 Team A vs. Team E

Who would win a 7 game playoff series.

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Thee Idiotic Minivan K

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You have a great team, but I think Bird and Stockton is just too great a pairing. Like, the only person Bird would be better to pair with would be Magic. And then 2 defensive MONSTERS in the front, a few sharp shooters (Bosh was pretty good from outside, especially considering he was a big man from just before the "Everyone must shoot threes" movement)... Oh, yeah, and I'm Jazz heavy, and that never hurts in the voting. :)
Bosh Never really made shooting threes a big part of his game till a couple years after he joined the heat, till then he never averaged more than half a three per game which means he’d go several games without a make. By the time he started taking them on a more regular basis he wasn’t the player he once was. And even then he never put up 3’s at a high rate or volume.