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2024 NBA Draft Mega Thread

Damn you guys were right when it comes to this turning into a Bronny fest from the tv guys.
Wouldnt say anyone jumped out in a major way other than Simpson.

Reeves, Scheirman, Jones, and Edwards stood out as wings who can play.

Mogbo was impressive when he got the ball in transition. Electric player.

Chomche and Bona looked physically impressive, but neither really impressed me.

Jesse Edwards looked like he could be a 3rd center type.

Cam Spencer plays hard and has a nose for the ball.

AJ Johnson looked mediocre to me at first, but he was aggressive and had moments. Still didnt look that good to me, but he showed some potential that will probably excite some.

Probably missing some people. Hard to really know who everyone is with announcers never really focusing on the game.