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Balloons Gone Wild

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You didn’t answer my question at all. Why did they shoot this balloon and not others; or other spying crafts?
I don't know nearly enough about the path of this specific balloon; I was merely offering perspective. I suspect anyone without a Top Secret clearance (and even most of those that have one) can only speculate regarding this particular balloon. There have been other balloons.

Trying to start fights for no reason; condescending *******.
Again, just offering perspective.

You seem especially angry with me lately. Why is that?

You didn’t even read my post. Look at the last sentence.
"Or did they shoot down others also?"

According to the Independent article, this balloon's incursion was the longest of the last 5. I don't think the winds across the US have slowed appreciably, and I doubt all four previous balloons diverted into Canada or Mexico quickly (although either is possible). So, my hunch is that at east one of the other balloons were shot down without the public noticing.

You just try to argue on everything I post.
No argument intended. I'll try to be less confrontational in the future.

You just respond and try to argue the other point, even if I’m asking a question to get more information.
How can there be an other point if you are just asking a question?

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I think im in the rare minority on this "issue"
I didnt care about these balloons at all for some reason.
Me too. It’s a nothing burger. Of course, for those wanting to make Biden look bad and take the focus off the booming economy, this story is important.

The Chinese have better sources of intelligence than this balloon.

I’m not concerned.

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I think the data available just off social media is more concerning to me than anything else. How often do ads know how to target us because of our browsing history and cookies? What people and companies can glean from social media apps and hardware like Alexa is incredible. It’s weird how we get up in arms over balloons but don’t give a rip about providing Facebook with our names and birthdates, locations, family information, education information, employment history, and pictures.
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I think people are making way bigger of an issue out of this than it needs to be.Call me naive if you want, but that's just my opinion.
How big of an issue are people making this?