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Bye Jazzfanz


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No **** (boobies) this time

I don't like any of you enough for that.

One Brow is a fake ************.

If JazzyEggs can exist here, if AIO can exist here and if One Brow can assist them in ruining every ****ing thread over and over like he is their personal *** (sperm) sock, well, I don't want to be here. @Jason doesn't give a ****. After an outrageous attack on me they got a week off. Yeah, I'm obviously not welcome here. Unlike people like AIO and JazzyEggs, I don't want to be in a place that I am not welcome.

@Jason has made it clear. He doesn't even understand why we are in the GD forum. Wake up boomer! You have a GD forum on your own ****ing website. Maybe sell this **** if you don't want to run it.

Anyway, I'm done. I'm not having a good time here anymore.

Enjoy JazzyEggs and AIO-dick sucker. Enjoy fake *** liar One Brow.

Curse the Jazz for 100 years.
Tell us again how wrong we are about Trump?

You're ****ing gross.

You came to my house uninvited.

I never asked you to be there.

I didn't enjoy your presence.

I thought less of you after I met you.
At your request, I’ve deactivated your account.

Not sure where your information is coming from but, as of this post, it isn’t accurate.