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Cheap Roster Moves Jazz Should Make

Saint Cy of JFC

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I'm also wondering right now if NAW can be turned in to a pnr ball handler/spot up shooter. With a full summer to work with him, and a refined focus, I'm wondering what could be done. He seems like a really hard worker. I thought he showed some flashes of potential when he wasn't relied on to be the primary scoring option.
I would say he has a 10% chance of being playable next season.


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How about current GLeague guys that were first round picks or five of the Stars that averaged in double figures scoring there?


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Lmao, "Hey Shai I know living in Oklahoma is awful and we are actively wasting a lot of your best years by being a trash team, but hey, here is your cousin to play with"

I'd give up NAW for any of those guys.
Hell no! NAW is a keeper with Snyder hopefully being let go.