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That was because DL was an idiot
DL made two of the greatest trades in Jazz history, and built a pretty damn good team around those two guys. . .

. . . but outside of Mitchell and Gobert, his draft record is a mess. I just don’t think he had the right type of vision to build a true contender. Jazz were always a paper tiger - built for regular season wins, but not playoff success.

I’m pretty sure we’re going to like the direction that Danny Ainge is taking us.

Doke really is DL's golden turd of draft picks. All the resources he devoted to the draft process, all the guys he brought in for workouts. How do you screw that up so bad? You just kind of gotta look at it in awe.
I think he is gone but I think there is enough potential that I would hang on to him for another year. Doubt it will happen but since we already have him I would not give up yet. Low cost experiment for a big and bigs often develop on a much slower timeline than wings and guards.
He shouldn't be paid what his extension would have been, but at his size and age a lower contract would be fine. that is only if there is room, we do have possibly three first round picks coming.