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Draymond wishes he was as good as Rudy

One might say he's being... "played off the floor". :eek:
Yeah he is.

Golden State is lacking a good 5th player who can fit with Steph, Wiggins, Klay and Looney/Draymond. Looney and Draymond can alternate okay, but really can't play together against Boston. Porter Jr, Iggy, Moody, etc are all letting them down.

Poole is good as a 6th man, but he needs to stay in that role. Boston is just too damn deep with quality players who are valuable on both sides of the court.
Dray got too arrogant and flew too close to the sun… came out and said he deserves preferential treatment and he knows the lines and ****… he’s not nearly as good when they don’t allow him to just tackle fools out there all game.
I have never took enjoyment from watching someone fail…until now. It feels good!