Exum upset after being fouled by Oni in practice

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If I knew Exum, I would recommend that he doesn't peruse Jazzfanz at this point in his career unless he has thick skin and is coming for a good laugh.

I'll wager Durant is a lot stronger. I've seen guys with wiry frames who are strong. But that is not Dante.

Looked up stats and I would say that Durant is closer to 7 ft, but he is listed as 6-10 240 and Dante 6-6 190 ... that's 50 pounds, which means though wiry he has a lot more muscle on his frame.

The NBA confirmed this year that he is actually 6'10" using the new accurate measurements the NBA requires. He was previously listed at 6'9". I don't think Durant is stronger. I think he has better body control and basketball skill.


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Limb lengthening has been around for a long time. It is very popular in China, and with midgets.

That reminds me. My neighbor is a midget, and I saw him get off the city bus when I was headed home the other day. I stopped and told him to hop in. He flipped me off and told me to **** off. I thought, "what an ungrateful little a-hole", as I zipped up my backpack and continued my walk home.

Maybe it has nothing to do with being a little person? Maybe he hates riding the bus. Contrary to belief, little people often have normal size genitalia. Maybe he was mad because he stepped on his meat. Don’t be an *** and use the word midget adolf.