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Game Thread Feb 06, 2024 07:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Thunder

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All markennan shots are good shots.
He took a couple contested 20 footers tonight that had me saying.... no no no, Yes!

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That's the rumor but they are playing great right now. Would be weird to want to add a guy who is playing horrible to a team that is playing great.

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Probably last game of jc and ko no?
Have we seen Ainge on the floor after the game before? Maybe I wasn’t paying attention but that struck me as odd with 40 hours to go…
I feel like I have.
We just had to play Dunn a heavy dose of minutes on SGA.

OKC shot out of their minds from 3 and we still won.
Because we made shot after shot in the 4th. Played out of our minds.
GS, LA, GS next week, big week
I will be at the warriors game Monday! Row 9, free food, free beer and wine. Gonna be awesome
I will be easy to spot as I will be sitting with a black dude and there are not very many black dudes in the crowd at jazz games. The dude I'm sitting with was a star receiver at USU and played in the NFL. From back in the 80's

First game in the will hardy era!

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We'll miss KO, if he gets traded. Who's gonna replace his awesome playmaking?
Well he only plays under 20 minutes most nights. Tonight he was one of only a couple of guys who were a minus for us.
We lose some passing but gain a ton of defense.

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Garbage time Keyonte has showed up during the real parts of the game and it’s glorious. Hopefully he made a strong case to move JC and not bring in Dejounte.

KO also had a good game in his OKC audition.