Game Thread Feb 12, 2021 7:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Bucks

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I really do think the x-factor is Clarkson and the rest of our bench. Everyone knows I’m a favors homer. But you can’t ignore his ability to get offensive rebounds and extends plays for our team. We seem to really distant ourselves once our bench and clarkson comes in
This team is so good, they are so deep. If Jazz finish with the best record in the regular season, Rudy deserves to be in the MVP discussion, even though his raw stats dont look like that, impact he has on the game on both sides of the floor is unmatched. I dont know WTF got into Jordan Clarkson, but i hope it never gets out, he is playing crazy good, its ridiculous


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These guys seem to be better at basketball than I am

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You really need to record yourself playing from every angle for a fair comparison. :) Wasn't there a thread on here of a forum member shooting 3's in their gym? Hilarious stuff.

It is crazy the skill level many NBA players have, combined with sheer size, strength and athleticism.

It is amazing to watch sport skill levels refine as a sport matures over time.