Game Thread Feb 26, 2021 6:00PM MT: Jazz at Heat

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Spo is one of the best, if not the best coach in the league. They attacked Bogey in a way that made us slow to adjust (as if Quin makes defensive adjustments lol). Most teams target poor defenders by getting the switch and letting their guy to work. The Heat were much quicker with it and didn't let us load up our help defense. They just hit Bogey in quick actions and he was toast. Kind of reminds me of the way we attacked Melo a few years back in the playoffs.


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For one thing, I'm still not worried. Mitchell and clarkson were missing shots they would normally make. We didn't match their aggression on defense which is why we weren't getting the calls. We should have pulled Bogie for Ingles in the 4th, that was a mistake on QS. They played a nearly perfect game, not like NBA record level but a very solid game. And despite all that we had a legitimate shot to win this all the way to the end. I'm encouraged really. We need at least a couple of these to test our mettle, to learn from. In the long run this is a positive. I'm sure we'll win tomorrow. And I'm still excited for the future.


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We played a bad game and they probably played their best one and the game was so close. A couple of 3s we could have won this game.

We are gonna be aight


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I was pretty ****ing pissed at that charging call on Conley near the end there. Looked like a bad call to me.

Was the right call but is such a **** play from the defender. Would love to see the NBA remove that particular charge call, its dangerous and makes the game ugly. Im not normally against rule changes that makes it harder to defend but I genuinely hate when players come across late when someone is attacking the basket.


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I love when players take charges and I don't know how Conley didn't. Wish the Jazz took more, at least/especially when Gobert has to guard the perimeter (which he will more in the playoffs since teams with playmaking 5s are usually in the playoffs and our defense goes insolvent when such players get hot.

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I’m a little concerned about our wing defense. If Butler is ripping us a new one what do we think Kawhi/Jingles’ son or Durant/Harden are going to do to us? We need Oni or Hughes to get going or add a piece.

I definitely wish we had taken a different player in the draft. I see wing defense and depth at the 3/4 being our greatest weakness right now.