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GreginUtah: Approved a deal


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Didn't even think about the possibility of Tomic and Al down the line. If we do acquire Al of course. Would this mean that Millsap is back to the bench or would he be tradebait?

I'd guess the Jazz plan on playing Jefferson at the 5. That's what I'd do at least and then bring Memo off the bench when he comes back and have a 3 man 4/5 rotation like we have in the past.

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It sucks that he's making us wait until tomorrow. Screw that Greg. Don't tease us like that.

Should we get an airport meet up going? lol
He has to wait. He approved it (whatever "IT" is), but KOC (and the other GM? or agent) have to finalize the deed and submit to the league office. Whatever the case, someone will probably leak the news.

My feeling is that all it will be is the Brewer signing. Greg said roster move...singular.