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Hawks want Quin

That's generally how things work in sports, isn't it? I know in European football, a manager getting fired is usually put on "gardening leave" meaning he still gets paid, but he sits at home for the duration of the contract. The advantage for him is that he gets the full amount and sits on this tuchus doing nothing without having to worry about finding work.

The advantage for the team is that they don't have to be involved in complex buyout negotiations at a time when the team is in turmoil and they have to look for a new manager, as well as ensuring that the sacked manager can't just turn around and get a job with a rival team and possibly hurt your season that way.

Of course, this occasionally leads to crazy scenarios like Italian owners sacking a manager 3 months into his contract, then running through a couple more during the next year, and then making the original guy come back because he's still under contract and you don't have to pay a new guy then.
Difference here is Quin wasnt fired. He resigned 100% by his own volition. FO tried to keep him as the coach.
Yeah Quin is great at resolving chemistry issues in the locker room. Look at the great job he did with Mitchell and Gobert! HIs best tactic, pretend it isn't happening and keep your head down until it goes away, is a time-honored classic. Should do well.
I can't wait for the press conference where he declares that he's seen Trae eat lunch with John Collins before... sometimes.

This is going to be a disaster.