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I really hesitated to post this thought due to the fact I’m definitely gonna get flamed. Then I remembered that I don’t give a ****. So I’ll go ahead and ask the question without even knowing the answer myself: In the wake of losing the Victor sweepstakes, would trading for Ja Morant be a feasible, smart thing to do? Obviously, everybody’s answer is gonna initially be “NO”, but when you really consider all of the factors, it seems like it could be a creative way for the Jazz to secure a franchise cornerstone without the benefit of a top 3 draft pick or a superstar free agent choosing Utah. Come with me down the rabbit hole:

- We’ll get to the boneheaded stuff in a minute. When looking at Ja Morant’s ability as a basketball player, the dude is damn near transcendent. In a normal situation, the Jazz wouldn’t even be able to have the conversation about acquiring Ja. I think there’s even the possibility that Utah is able to throw out a bevy of draft picks that allows Ja the chance to play alongside Laurie and Kessler. The thought of that is just downright nasty.

- Ja is definitely falling further and further down the career abyss, but is he already a lost cause? Personally, I don’t think he’s too far gone to save but it’s going to take the right team with the right locker room and the right coach along with a metric **** ton of personal therapy.

- Memphis is in a pickle and could very well be looking for somebody to throw them a life preserver. When you include the fact that Morant’s latest transgression is most likely gonna cost him a very hefty suspension, Memphis would have to take pennies on the dollar in any Morant move at this point.

- Utah could very well serve as the kind of community that helps him salvage his career. I just don’t see Morant being able to make wholesale changes while playing in the bigger cities across the league.

- Utah certainly has the ammo, Memphis probably has motivation to move on while still being able to salvage the situation by acquiring some unprotected #1’s, and SLC serves as the PERFECT backdrop for the “How I saved my career before I lost everything” documentary on Ja.

I get that it’s a little more complicated than this, but I feel very strongly about the fact that to succeed in this rebuild and become a legit annual finals contender, the Jazz are gonna have to pull off 1 or 2 moves outta left field that catches all of us unaware.

I’d love to see them at least kick the tires on this one.
Unless it’s Luka, I have no interest in trading for a star pg. I have no issues with him as a player and SLC would be the ideal place for him to go to put his past issues to rest. But I’m not trading for a star pg unless it’s Luka.
Memphis isn't ready to dump him. It will take more than this for them to move on from a hometown hero. For cheap, sure. But I'm pretty sure most teams would. You would have to at least give up a Rudy/Donovan level package or more I think.
They arent going to trade him unless someone really comes in with a desperate offer. His trade value is in the mud so they are just going to hold onto him and hope they can work with him.
I agree.
They arent going to trade him unless someone really comes in with a desperate offer. His trade value is in the mud so they are just going to hold onto him and hope they can work with him.
I agree with this, his trade value is at an all-time low and probably the only reason Memphis wouldn’t look to trade him now as their best option is hoping that the lightbulb finally turns on for this kid.

That being said, after the hauls DA got in the Gobert and Mitchell deals, we’ve all discussed the fact that DA is gonna have to get real creative with our assets when it comes to bringing a super star in. It would be great if we could just hit on a few in the draft and free agency, but I think it’s pretty apparent that if we want to see the Jazz as a truly legit title contender, DA and Ryan Smith are gonna have to pull a rabbit outta their hat at some point.

This Morant saga is extremely unique, and while it would be a huge risk, I wouldn’t be opposed to DA calling up Memphis and offering a type deal that would be similar to what it would have cost had Ja not had all of these personal issues. I really think we’ve got to allow for the possibility that if Memphis was given an out that allowed them to move on while saving face at the same time, they’d have to strongly consider it.

At the end of the day, maybe that type of deal simply doesn’t exist, but I think it’s worth exploring.
While the highlights are intriguing, it is still unclear if Ja impacts team success more or less than Dillon Brooks.

What I mean by that is last 3 seasons in games without Ja they have had a better record than in games with Ja. And its a 55 game sample (36-19). Dillon Brooks has almost exactly equal record (40-21)....

Coincidentally or not, the impact of being without Bane, Jackson or Adams seems to be much bigger for them.

Ja is flashy but not efficient or consistent. His wow moments blind a lot of spectators, but unlike Jordan (who had similar freakish athletically dominant highlights) he is not a driven competitor who puts basketball first.

Ja is the prodigy who will never truely deliver because he lacks the goat gene and has wrong priorities in life.