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Game Thread Jul 12, 2022 07:30pm: Nuggets Vs Jazz (Summer League)

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I don't get why he got back in with 2 minutes left in first half while up 24 pts or so. He should've stayed out until the first half ended. This is on the coaching staff, period.
That looked bad but medical treatment for those things has advanced far from where it was a decade ago. Let's get the lad iced up and perhaps shot up with the Jazz doctor's miracle juice. Remember Juzang missed the first summer league game in SLC with a similar injury and he seems to be doing just fine now.
I’ve had ankle sprains that looked worse than what it was before.
Me too. I think I am the king of ankle injuries. I spent way too much of my life on crutches. Sometimes the nasty ones weren't bad and the little ones had me out for 6 weeks.
That one certainly looked bad though
They may need to lock him in the bus to keep him from playing.
This… dude wants to play… I’ve felt that pissed off look he had before… just sucks when you want to finish the game and play with your team. It happens. We’ll see what the diagnosis is.
So Hendricks and Sensabaugh attended court practice right?
After that I wouldn't be surprised if the jazz are just like, nah we ain't taking any risks